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Faculty of Foreign Languages Guangdong Ocean University

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Founded in December 2003,theFacultyof Foreign Languagesconsists of English Department, Japanese Department,Section 1 and Section 2 of College EnglishTeaching, Language Training Center andForeign Language Teaching Research Institute. Thefacultyhas won the first prize of teaching achievements of Guangdong Ocean University for four consecutive times, and the second prize of teaching achievements of Guangdong Province in 2019. Foreign Language and Literature Discipline was approved asone ofthe seventh round of university-level characteristic key disciplines, andCollege EnglishCoursewas approved as a high-quality resource-sharing course in Guangdong Province.Other honorary titles includeZhanjiangWomen pace-setter (collective), Guangdong women's civilization post, National May Day women's model post, etc..

Two undergraduate programsare provided:English and Japanese. The English major has been approved as a state-level first-class undergraduate major construction point in 2022. It is one of the three applied talents training demonstration majors in Guangdong Province, the first comprehensive reform pilot major of applied undergraduate demonstration major construction point, the ideological and political demonstration pilot major of Guangdong Ocean University, and theuniversity’spilotexcellenttalents training program. In the undergraduate professional evaluation of theuniversity, English and Japanese majors respectively won the first and third place in the liberal arts group.

There are 91highly-qualifiedfull-time teachers, including3professors and19associate professors,11 doctors and 9 doctoralcandidates. More than5foreign teachersare working here. The teachers of thefacultyhave won the grand prize of "SFLEP Cup";National College Foreign Language Teaching Competition (Guangdong region), the Grand Prize of the national Semifinal of FLTRP "Teaching Star" Competition;and some other honorary titles, such asthe Famous Teacher of Guangdong Province;the "Southern Guangdong Teaching Rookie";the national "March 8" Red flag bearer,etc.. In the past four years, the college has undertaken 66 teaching and research projects of various kinds, including 5 national projects, 22 provincial projects, and 39 municipal and university-level projects;published more than 140 academic papers, 10 patents, and 31 academic works, translations, and textbooks.

The teachingcondition here iscomplete. There are 22 digital language LABS,includingsimultaneous interpretation training rooms, business training rooms, scenario simulation LABS, multi-functional language training rooms, translation training rooms, multi-functional wisdom training rooms, etc., withvarious software and platformsinstalled, includingthe translation software, intelligent voice software, Integrated Training System for International Business, Utalk audio-visual training platform, Deja Vu computer-aided translation software system, big data word bank assisted teaching system and other softwares.Ateaching website and multimedia resource library for high-quality courseshas established.Across-border e-commerce industry college and 44 off-campus internship and employment basesare available.

The innovatedtalenttrainingmodehas improved the quality oftalentscontinuously. In the past five years, the pass rateof TEM-4, TEM-8,N1/N2(JLPT) has been at least20%above thenational average.Atotal of more than 1,000studentshave won provincial awards and above, including 28 grand prizes and 167 first prizes, such asthe first prize of the National College English Writing Competition, thegrandprize of the Guangdong College English Writing Competition, the first prize of the Guangdong College English Speech Competition, the Translation Competition, and the Reading Competition. In recent years,students are increasingly eager to participate in scientific research and study for Master Degree,and thefacultyhas been rated as the advancedonemany timesinproviding relevant service.The employment rateof graduateshas exceeded 99% for four consecutive years, the overall satisfaction of employers with graduates has exceeded 94%, and thefacultyhas been awarded the first prize of advanced unit of graduate employment, advanced unit of employment guidance, and advanced unit of job market development.

TheFacultyhas always adhered to the socialist direction of runningeducation, taking "cultivating virtues and cultivating people" as the fundamental task, and is committed to building thefacultyinto an important base for the training and scientific research of high-level foreign language talents, actively integrating into regional economic development, and serving the Chinese-style modernization.